How to Keep Clients Coming Back ...

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You may give a absolutely amazing massage, and your clients tell you time and time again how wonderful the treatment was. Yet, you still find that clients are not returning ... Here are a few things to try!

  1. Think About Their Day - Provide a small mirror, tissue and possible face wipes, to allow your clients to freshen up as they leave the treatment room. If the treatment is mid day, a lot of clients have to return to their busy lives and want to look fresh. 
  2. Hydration is Key - Once the treatment has come to an end and you have allowed your client time to freshen up, return with a glass of water allow them time to hydrate and wake up. 
  3. It's Not About You - It has amazed me how many times I have received a massage and I want to just relax and let my mind drift off when ... the therapist begins talking to me! Checking in periodically on pressure and movement = awesome. Telling me about your day and all your problems = less than okay! Keep all treatments about your client. 

Remembering these 3 easy, but hard to remember tips will not only keep your clients happy during and after treatment, it will keep them coming back time and time again!