Product Buzz

We are raving about our newly designed 3in1 Patient Pillow. Originally designed for use in the surgery room, we did some tweaking, color changes and price cuts ... and wa-la you have a patient pillow fit for massage, whether in the office or at home! 

Allows for positioning in 3 ways - prone, supine and side lying

The 3in1 Patient Pillow is extremely versatile and allows for quick positioning during treatment.   

There is a custom shape so when in the prone position, the patients eyes and neck are properly supported while providing maximum comfort. The 3in1 Patient Pillow gently cradles the face while keeping the body and spine in the correct position. 

The pillow is made of durable foam with a soft cleanable skin. Weighing in at 2lbs the 3in1 Patient Pillow is lightweight solution for your practice.