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To nurture the balance of women’s self care
— our mission statement

As a member of the Zäna Rhythm community, you can look forward to receiving during the first week of each month your trusted Zäna collection:

A silky smooth Zäna•Balm to help relieve muscle cramps & aching

The comforting portable sized Zäna•Balance essential oil inhaler

A set of seven bags of Zäna•Tea to use daily during your cycle to ease internal imbalances, while providing you a gentle reminder to pause, sip and breathe.

+ In addition, you’ll find in your box:

Zäna Body Positive Card to keep your mental rhythm on point

A professional Zäna Women’s Heath Tip to consider

and a rotating Surprise Gift from the Urban Therapeutic retail shop. Why? … because you deserve it!

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Zäna Monthly Membership

- Join Before 1/25 for February Box -
Join a community of women who receive the Zäna box monthly to keep their rhythm in balance.

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Zäna 3 Month Starter

- Join Before 1/25 for February Box -
See what our Zäna community of women is all about - or gift it!

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We have partnered with the Maurer Foundation to provide you with the resources and education about Monthly Breast Self-Exams so you can add this to your monthly Zäna Rhythm routine.

Pro 01. Christine Tracy    “Each month we have the opportunity to use this sacred time to check-in with ourselves ….” - full tip in Zäna Box 01

Pro 01. Christine Tracy

“Each month we have the opportunity to use this sacred time to check-in with ourselves ….” - full tip in Zäna Box 01

“Experiencing the hustle of entrepreneurship & operating the Urban Therapeutic retail shop, I spent over a year of life trying to erase my natural need to be feminine; trying to keep up, move faster, and go farther. I ignored my body’s strong urge to draw in and care for myself, until the point I broke down - mentally & physically. Through the slow journey of rebuilding, I found support in creating a community of strong women around me; and it was here that the vision of Zäna came to life.”
— Brenda Stebbeds, Urban Therapeutic
“I am incredibly excited about working with female entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, especially when women are working together to help other women. This world is full of possibility. Do what you love. Not just what is safe.”
— Katie Boyer Clark, Designer
“As a certified aromatherapist, my work is dedicated to empowering women to enrich their health, happiness and well-being by easing life’s stresses through aromatherapy. I am grateful to be part of the creation of Zäna; encouraging women to treat their mind and body with natural remedies helping make even the least fun part of the month a little more peaceful.”
— Rachel London, Topsy Blends
“I can speak from the many years of frustration and pain trying to find ways to ease the emotional & physical burden of a regular cycle. Upon entering my middle age years I began to research alternatives and found myself looking to my garden for answers. I have since been crafting natural remedies driven by the positive effects I, along with the community of women around me experience; and truly wish I knew then what I know now.”
— Tami Stebbeds, Designed by Nature


Zäna Rhythm F.A.Q.’s

  1. When will my Zäna box arrive?
    Your Zäna box will land in your mailbox on/before the 5th of each month.
    *Join us by the 25th of the month to get in rhythm. (Ex: Sign up by Dec 25th to receive the January box)

  2. Can I give a Zäna membership as a gift?
    Yes- Here’s how: choose the membership type you’d like to purchase, and at checkout ensure to enter in the details of the receiver into the ship to field.

  3. How do I change my ship to address?
    You can change your ship to address for the upcoming box by the 25th of each month. Here’s how: sign into your account > subscriptions > Zäna Monthly > Shipping.

  4. Can I cancel my Zäna membership?
    We will miss you dearly, but of course you may cancel at any time.
    Here’s how: sign into your account > subscriptions > Zäna Monthly > Cancel Subscription. *If you decide to join us again, simply start a new membership.

  5. Is the Zäna box right for me?
    This product line is best intended for non pregnant or nursing females who are experiencing an average monthly menstrual cycle. *If you are still unsure if this box is a good fit, we recommend the 3 month membership to check it out and see.

  6. Are there any additional fee like shipping, that I will be charged for?
    Nope! The Zäna box membership price is exactly what you will be charged on your renewal day each month. No hidden fees of any kind & shipping is at no cost to you.

  7. Are the products in the Zäna collection travel size?
    Yes- All of the Zäna products were created to be portable & travel-able to ensure you can keep your rhythm where you are!

Further Questions? Contact Us