Massage Table Gel Pad - 3/4

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gel table pad on table_web.jpg

Massage Table Gel Pad - 3/4


Our gel massage table pads are designed to add an additional layer of comfortable padding to almost any style of massage therapy table! The 3/4 table pad is designed to lay flat, spanning 1-3 inches shy of the full width of the table. Justify to the top or bottom of the table.

The 3/4 table pad can positioned:  

  • On top of the table, under the sheet
  • On top of or underneath a table warmer
  • In direct contact with the patients skin

Product Dimensions: 
52 1/2 Long X 27 Wide X 1/4" Thick

Manufactured in the U.S.A. 
Please allow for 7 days manufacturing time.  

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  • Reusable & Easy to Clean
  • Latex & Silicone Free
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial  
  • Won't Leak if Punctured
  • Won't Bottom Out  
  • Can be Heated & Cooled
  • Aides in Pressure Redistribution
  • Made with Soy Based Material  

Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean gel with an approved disinfectant then rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry. Mild soap and water works well, and any non alcohol based cleaners.
  • Do not place gel in washer, dryer, autoclave or gas sterilization.
  • Soaking is not recommend as it may compromise the integrity of the ComfortPlus™ Gel 

Currently Available for Purchase: Online or
In Store Special Order 10-14 days

Heating & Cooling Instructions  

  • ComfortPlus™ Medical Gel can be heated to approx. 104° F and cooled to approx. -10° F
  • Approved Heating Applications: Warming cabinets, warming pads, warm or hot water
  • Approved Cooling Applications: Ice bath, cold water, refrigerator and ice packs