Factory 2nd Gel Foot Pads

Factory 2nd Gel Foot Pads

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Due to the high volume of reusable gel foot pads that we sell, we do have a small volume of foot pads that move through the production process and come out with a small defect. We do not believe that these foot pads should be thrown away, as they are all usable!

In the package you will receive foot pads with a variety of small defects which may include:

  • Slightly thinner or thicker
  • Discoloration
  • Lack of Beveled Side Edge

Each style of foot pad offered as a Factory 2nd is only available in a package of 5qty.

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Please Note:

  • These are discounted products and will not fall under our manufacturers warranty policy
  • Sold as-is, non returnable
  • Available in 5qty packages only