Gentle Practice Yoga DVD


Gentle Practice Yoga DVD


Get inspired. Get flexible!

Experience peace & tranquility while you gain flexibility! This comprehensive yoga DVD will get you started with a variety of routines to choose from. Let Zyrka’s insights & gentle guidance inspire your practice and rejuvenate your spirit and body! This is a great DVD for beginners or anyone new to yoga.

Featuring 6 sequences each with their own difficulty level and length: two half-hour sequences, two three-quarter-hour sequences, and two hour sequences. This means that you can choose your level, and amount of time that you want to practice, and this yoga DVD will give you exactly what you need!

This yoga DVD also features a unique Yoga Pose Guide section that gives detailed instruction on 23 poses including positioning, common mistakes, pose benefits, & contraindications. This means that you can learn the basics of each pose, without having to listen to detailed instructions that you already know during the main sequences.

Length: 3.5 hrs
Level: Gentle - Beginner 

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Filmed in Santa Barbara, California in high definition, with over 3½ hours of footage.

"It's always a pleasure to watch a gentle yoga practice that continues to grab your attention while lulling you into deep, passive poses. Zyrka Landwijt was trained by Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati of the Bhairavi Maha Yoga tradition. Landwijt is the perfect model for these sequences; her movements are economical and never hurried, her voice clear and soothing. This DVD consists of two general series, each beginning with a foundational 30 minute routine. A second and third sequence add a few more passive poses to the first.

   Most of the poses are done sitting, kneeling, or reclining, prone, or supine. There's also a pose guide that supplies hints on how to better perform 23 of the poses found in these six gentle sequences."