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Oregon Chinese Medicine History

In light of our recent Chinese Medicine Chest workshop, I wanted to post this great OPB feature about Kam Wah Chung!

Kam Wah Chung is a restored building located in John Day Oregon, now a national historic landmark. 

Today the recently restored building is an Oregon treasure – and a National Historic Landmark filled with thousands of herbs, artifacts and the memories of two men who called it home.
— OPB | Jan. 14, 2010 9 p.m.

Autism & The Benefits of Touch

As we prepare for our "KindTree" exhibit and fundraiser tonight we thought we would give you a little bit of information about autism and the possible benefits that therapies such a massage can offer.

According to Autism Speaks, an autism science and advocacy organization, "Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors."  For some with ASD symptoms include reacting defensively to physical touch. 

Though research is limited, an analysis of existing studies was published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in March, 2011.  The analysis found six studies which indicated strong benefits to clients with ASD in the areas of social communication, adaptive behavior, and sensory profile.  However, the authors of this analysis point to a need for studies with larger sample sizes and tighter controls in order to make better use of this data.

Many therapists who have been working with those affected by ASD say that they see benefits to their clients lives through therapy.  Michael Regina-Whiteley, in an article from Massage Today in February of 2005, says that after 33-years of working with this population he believes that massage therapy can help to meet the need for human touch that is often assumed to be absent.  He notes, however, that patience is very important: "You can't expect that things will change overnight, but in time, changes and improvements in a person's quality of life and activities of daily living can be assisted through massage therapy."   

For more information on ASD or organizations that support those affected please visit:

Autism Speaks

All About Arnica

Arnica (arnica montana) is a perennial herb. Arnica's flowers and roots are most commonly used in herbal remedies and medicines, typically applied directly ones skin.

Arnica helps muscular soreness and pain due to strain, overexertion, or sudden jars and blows. Good for any unbroken surface to stop pain; for bruises; sprains; fractures and rheumatism.

Urban Therapeutics new line of Natural Therapy Oils includes a wonderful blend, "Pro Natural Therapy Oil" that has the additions of Arinca & St John's Wort, to create an additional benefit to your client during therapeutic treatments.

In the News - Urban Press Release

Urban Therapeutic, a local alternative healthcare supply business is opening a retail shop February 21st in downtown Eugene, bringing vital support to small business practitioners in the area.

Urban Therapeutics’ new retail outlet founded by a Eugene native and massage therapy professional Brenda Stebbeds, builds on the success of Urban Therapeutics’ e-commerce store started 4yrs ago. The new local shop offers professional and student discounts, and boasts a product base that is fifty percent locally sourced and eighty-five percent made in the USA.

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Designing a Health Practice with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of perceiving the nature of things around us, and arranging what can be arranged in the material world, to enhance health, happiness and prosperity. These three virtues, in order of importance, are the finest assets that a person can be blessed with in practical everyday life. 

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Article By Suhana Lim and Bruce Bentley