A Natural Skincare Routine - For Any Skin Type!

Did you miss our last workshop, A Natural Face & Neck - For You and Your Clients? Lucky for you, we've got a recipe from that workshop to try. At the end of this post you'll find our favorite recipe for a natural face toner. First, let's explore why you might want to use one! Watch this amazing video from skincare video blogger and author, Madeleine Olivia.

"Oil cleansing," sounds kind of like an oxymoron, right? Well, the idea behind the chemistry of it is like dissolves like, ie: the sebum your skin produces is best dissolved by something similar, like the jojoba oil and castor seed oil and Madeleine Olivia uses in her routine. To learn more about oil cleansing and why it's your new best friend, watch this video from the ever-inspirational feed, MindBodyGreen.

You've gently exfoliated, oil cleansed, applied toner and moisturized. Now what? To soothe your skin and refresh your facial muscles, try a jade roller. The cooling nature of jade closes pores and releases tension in areas you might not realize you have it. This next video, also from MindBodyGreen, is a great tutorial on how to use a jade facial roller, as there is somewhat of a method to it.

There you have it! An all-natural skincare routine, organic, sustainable, and easily made by hand. Want to try Madeleine's facial oil recipe? You can find certified organic golden jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil for extra nourishment, certified organic lavender essential oil, and an amber glass bottle to house your blend in our apothecary.

As promised, below you’ll find a recipe for an witch hazel facial toner, an aromatic treat. This recipe includes a couple of our organic essential oils, if you are local to us and would like to learn more I encourage you to register for our upcoming workshop Essential Oils 101: The Basics. We’ll study the steam distillation process, various uses and effects, warnings and dosages, and more! You can register here.

 Organic Facial Toner

" Rosa centifolia " from Medizinal-Pflanzen by Franz Eugen Köhler (1887)

"Rosa centifolia" from Medizinal-Pflanzen by Franz Eugen Köhler (1887)

  • 4oz bottle with dropper or spray top

  • 1 part organic witch hazel

  • 1 part liquid aloe (optional)

  • 1 part organic hydrosol

    • try rose for dry skin

    • lavender for oily or acne-prone

  • 3-6 drops essential oil

    • try wild carrot seed and vetiver for dry skin

    • clary sage and frankincense for oily or acne-prone

  1. Carefully pour witch hazel into the bottle, followed by hydrosol and liquid aloe. Aloe is optional but a great addition for dry skin.

  2. Add your essential oils of choice, keep in mind that most certified aromatherapists believe 3 drops is a medicinal dose. It's easy to over-do it.

  3. Cap + shake it up before each use! Your toner should have a shelf life of 3-6 months. (Tip: If using dropper top abstain from touching the pipette to your skin to prevent the growth of microbes.)