Naturally, Happy Feet

Inspired blog post from our recent Naturally, Happy Feet workshop that we hosted, here are our Top 5 Tips to happier feet! 

Just remember to take a S.T.E.P.P. in the right direction!  


  1. Create a 5 min morning and evening stretching routine

  2. Find the right tool for you - using home exercise tools/equipment can be very helpful in stretching correctly, and having fun while doing it - Choosing the right tool for your body and condition is another story! Here are a few suggestions: Tiger Tail Muscle Roller, Stretch out Straps, Textured Therapy Balls)

  3. Self massage can relieve pain and pressure while increasing circulation and blow flow. Great topicals to consider: Tropiceel Foot Repair, Sacred Earth Foot Cream


  1. Consider the use of foot pads, cushions, or lifts

  2. Eat healthy for your feet! Consider adding anti inflammatory foods to your diet, such as Salmon, Ginger, Bone Broth, and Turmeric


  1. Look at your shoes - Many foot problems such as blisters, bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails and fungus can develop due to ill fitting shoes

  2. Use natural methods such as sea salt foot soaks and foot powders, and essential oil blends to eliminate food infection and irritation

Protect & Prevent

  1. Hydrate. Keep inflammation at bay by drinking plenty of water

  2. Footwear. Be mindful of where you are walking. Choose the appropriate shoes for your activity and location to protect against injury, burns and infection. APMA is a great resource foot care and footwear decisions

  3. Circulation - keep the blood flowing throughout the day If you sit for long periods of time, cross your legs, or stand on a hard surface flooring all day make sue to give your feet some wiggle time. Take a few minutes each day to wiggle your toes, rotate your ankle, massage your calves

  4. Gradually increase your activity level. Allow your feet to gain strength as you increase your activity to prevent strains, sprains, and inflammation

Hopefully these quick tips have inspired you to love your feet, take care of your feet, naturally. Making for two healthy & happy feet