Simple Steps to Peaceful Sleep

There are many tips, tricks and suggestions to aide in a better nights sleep, some elaborate, some time consuming, and some that just don't work as well as we would like them to!  We have gone back to the basics on how to regain a peaceful nights rest. 

Four Simple Steps to Peaceful Sleep

  1. Stretching: Moving through a simple 10-15 min, light stretching routine 30 minutes before you go to bed will aide in relaxing your muscles, and naturally focus your mind back to your own body. 

  2. Align the Senses: Working with soft, light scents to not overwhelm your senses, you can use a natural sleep spray like Insomni Sleep Spray to slowly calm the mind as you inhale the notes of organic oils in the air. .

  3. Breathing: Work on slower, deeper breathes as you begin your bedtime routine. As you lay down in bed, focus on 3 slow, deep breathes. 

  4. Visualizing: While continuing your slow, deep breathes, close your eyes, and imagine washing your day away and out of your mind. Visualize a place that for you represents rest, relaxation and peace. Focus on how imaging that location makes you feel.