Remedy: Soothing Toothaches

Recently I have been dealing with tooth pain and cannot get in to see my dentist for several days! After trying a large amount of western pain medication that caused several other unwanted side effects like nausea and lethargy,

 I found a great natural remedy to help ease pain and numb the area. 

Clove Oil (clove bud) is a natural, organic remedy that is practically ready to go! You can find it at any local health-food store or pharmacy. I purchased Organic Clove Bud as it is going in my mouth.  

  1. I diluted 10 drops into 20 drops of Olive Oil, using an eye dropper 
  2. Then I put a drop full onto a Q-Tip and applied liberally to the area
    CAUTION: Make sure not to ingest a large amount of the oil, it is okay to apply to your mouth, but no recommended to swallow a large amount!
  3. I re applied as need (every 5-6 hours)

    NOTE: You may also use the Clove Oil undiluted and drop onto a Q-Tip and apply directly. I chose to dilute for taste and potency.