Follow Me (No.3): CA Training - Finally Done!

Those of you who have been following me through the process of becoming a CA (Chiropractic Assistant), I wanted to post, I am finally done!  

What a process - After completing the training course in Portland Oregon this June, I applied to take the test through the Oregon Chiropractic Board then I had to wait for approval and my online test instructions.  

After a week long wait, I received my confirmation email and proceeded to the online test. Open book, 50 questions, 48 hours to complete.  

I Passed (yay), so now I wait for the Board to send me my license so I may practice as a CA. This process was fun, but in fact, it took some time.   

My suggestions ... 
  1. I highly recommend the course through University of Western States, they provide you with all the necessary information to complete the process and pass the test.
  2. Stay on top of the process. You only have 60 days from the class completion to apply and take your test.  
  3. Work with a Chiropractic office to aide in the funding of your program. Costs for this can run $200 for the class & $110 for the application.