Freezing Your Greens: Spinach

Garden Fresh Spinach 

Garden Fresh Spinach 

How to freeze your garden spinach 

This year I filled my garden boxes with leafy greens and hope to save some for the winter when they are less abundant in the stores!  

Here's how to freeze spinach straight from the garden: 

  1. Pick desired amount of spinach from garden. I chose to cut the largest leaves to freeze and the baby ones I left in the garden to use for salads. (Note: Pick a large amount, it will shrink down.)
  2. Gently wash the leaves 
  3. Cut spinach leaves into 1/2" wide strips  
  4. Boil 4-6 cups of water (depending on the amount of spinach you picked)
  5. Prepare a separate bowl of cold water and set aside  
  6. Take boiling water off the stove, place spinach into the hot water for 1 minute
  7. Take spinach directly out of hot water and place in cold water for 1 minute  
  8. Strain out as much water as possible and lay flat onto wax paper
  9. Keep spinach on the wax paper and place into the freezer for 1-2 hours
  10. Take out of freezer and place into airtight bag - place back into freezer until your ready to use it!