Follow Me (No.2): CA Training - Almost Done!

As you may have read my post on 05/02/13 I have decided to explore the educational avenue of becoming a CA (Chiropractors Assistant), so I may perform massage within a Chiropractic office. For any of you that may be considering this route, I thought I would share my experience!

This weekend I attended a 12 hour, weekend workshop put on by University of Western States and it was awesome! They provided great instructors, and of course the important stuff - coffee and lunch .... 

Dr. Pleau of Da Vinci Natural Health Center brought his knowledge as an LMT and a Chiropractor while presenting some great tools and techniques for both CA's and LMT's working within this profession.  

Now that I have completed my required 12 hours of training, I will move onto contacting the CA board and applying to take my test. I will have to send into the board their required application paperwork along with a fee and my proof of completing my training course.  

Next Step: CA Online Test